New software, new problems

Springa releases a new upgrade and new problems arrive.

As always, the minor problems first:

  • when aborting a cut and reopening a project, cuts are moved away (pressing undo several times fixes this)
  • weird behavior when changing tab sizes - getting error message that lower tab must be larger than upper tab size, which is clearly the case

The main problem is, that Goliath is moving in inconsistent tracks sometimes 2 mm off in a random direction, see the following pictures

It once again became completely useless!!

I did a cut on Friday with the old firmware, where everything was working as expected. since then nothing changed.

Also, when restarting the same job and Goliath milling in the air, it looses its track at nearly the exact same spots, so something seems to be off with the tracking system

Hello, we need to give a look at your log and project files, we are sending you a private message with the guide about how to extract and send them to us.