New user first cuts

This is my first cut! I used a scrap piece of melamine. I had to fight with the SVG but once I got that resolved, it went fine. I should have slowed the feedrate.:slight_smile:



It looks very good. What is the size? On the upper limb of A it is not very smooth could it be the svg file issue? I found if the svg is clean the result will be good. The curve on the right side of the A is awesome and smooth. Well done.
What bit did you use and how thick was the materisl?

Hello there! Thanks for sharing it with us! This is amazing! :star_struck:

I like it as well that this is possible with our goliath.
Indeed, whatโ€™s the size, and what about the issues with the @ and limb of A, itโ€™s not that smooth.

Sorry for the delay in reply. :slight_smile:

It is about 8 inches across

I used the included 6mm bit and the melamine was 3/4"

I ran it a bit too fast at 1000. I heard the bit chatter a little. I only took out 2mm of depth. Had to start somewhere :slight_smile:

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