New users any advice

Just received goliath! Its a little overwhelming. Any recommendations or anyone in Georgia thats willing todo any face to face training.

Thank you

I’m up near NYC, so a bit far from Georgia. I would say start with some simple projects. One of my first “test” projects was just a circle with some drilled out holes and a recessed square. Start with a cheap sheet of 1/4" lauan. Make little 6"x6" test pieces, test depth, test accuracy, test tabs and put the cut pieces back in so you can make a bunch of little test pieces on the same board. Then use that piece of 1/4" lauan as your first spoil board. I found 12mm ply from home depot cuts beautifully.

Avoid very slick materials like MDF. If you are cutting masonite, cut it upside down so the rough side is facing up for traction. I’ve also found that if you are cutting a slick material, make a sandwich- spoilboard, material, 1/4" lauan top, the Goliath wheel will grip the lauan well so you dont slip on your smooth material.

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I am new, trying to get Goliath up and running. I am having connection issues and not able to update the firmware?

Is goliath supposed to connect to my Wi-Fi and then my pc to goliath? it seems I am unable to get my Wi-Fi, pc, and goliath to all connect?

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Chande

I am also in Georgia. North of Atlanta. I have been procrastinating on setting up my Goliath due to it not being iOS compatible. How was your setup?

Happy Tuesday

Did you get yours set up. We have been working on ours since 945 ams stopped about 430. Still haven’t been able to make a cut! Definitely not aa easy and i thought it would be.

Hi Chande

I too spent a couple of days learning to import my project, getting it set up. Deleting and completely reinstalling the software to an older version. Didn’t like the older version. Reinstalled the Beta version. Emails and posts to the forum went unanswered. I wish I hadn’t of waited so long to set mine up or I would have returned it. I absolutely want to love the Goliath. I do feel like it would be a great addition to my workshop, I can take it anywhere and use it. Its major downfall is the software. It seems basic and does not do the Goliath justice. It has a lot of flaws, that is a massive understatement.

I spent 12 hours trying to get tabs to cut. No matter what we did they would not cut. Turns out the “work around” is to use mm measurements in the tab settings even though it asks for inches. After days of reaching out, calling, emailing and posting to the forum someone FINALLY responded and gave me that information. They said it would be fixed in the “next update”. I asked when that would be …. Crickets! Not a single response.

I honestly wish I had known the software would be so basic and difficult to use, I would not of purchased. I do feel we are now trapped at the mercy of Goliath, waiting on them to decide to find or design better software. It’s been several years, by now they should have come up with something better. They do not have a very active social media presence. If Goliath had been my “baby” I guarantee you I would have videos posted EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Much luck on your future endeavors!

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