Number of projects limit?

is there a limit on number of projects one can make?

Let’s hope not.
It would be very useful in case there was a possibilty to classify projects in a directory structure so you can keep on overview on the “myworkspace” page of Slingshot.
A list view with sortable colomns, and search function will be highly appricated.
A few extra metadata fields like customer, reference, status, comment … shall make it easier to keep of everything.

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I gather there is no limit in the number of projects.
I found out the more projects that are on the dashboad the slower the program runs so I keep about 3 on the work area and all others are exported as zip files- you can organise these in your computer.
Some times you change name and export , all the changes will be saved in the project if you need the original project you have to import from your files.
That is what I do as I had to alter the project when half cut due to some error I had to erase all the precut tracks and completed the cut but this was saved as the final project with deleted tracks. Now I can import my original project(with different name like xxxx-1)

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back to the old fashion way.
Store data on a filedirectory and maintain a principle to retrieve previous version of a project.
This will do for now, buth it would be great if Slingshot could support this from inside the application.
finally all files are in your filedirectory, for example c/d drive, fileserver, cloudstorage, …

Tx for indicating that the amount of projects in the workspace affect the performance
of the application, even if you can only work with one project at a time. :ok_hand:

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Hello there, we confirm you there are no limits about number of projects you can make with Goliath :slight_smile:

is there any notice or knowledge of SlingShot application performance regarding amount of number of projects, like Bhimarasetty mentioned earlier in this topic, or could there be another reason why she/he had this experience.

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I know of a company which impose a limit of 24 hrs per month to use their vcarve bits and fonts free after that you pay a monthly fee for unlimited use.
As I noticed experimenting with a number of projects on slingshot I found it was taking time to load and realised that slingshot works best with fewer projects.- one can export the projects to computer memory with out compromising speed.
I am a he a hobbyist wood worker and a retired doctor.:slightly_smiling_face: