Optimising material on cutting shape

Hello, im new to Goliath and learning from new testings i made.
Last work test was a ø110cm circle on a 150x150cm 6mm pvc and goliath cut it with the machine outside de circle, and some times the whells loose support base.

is there any way to (in this case for example) to make the machine cut with the machine inside de circle, so that we can guarantee the full base for traction?

Hi, thanks for your post. If the Goliath comes out of the working plane it may mean that the machine’s manoeuvring space is not sufficient, we suggest you insert panel extensions when necessary.

How do you know when you need a panel extension? I would like to pick the material size with low waste, if it is a larger sheet, ie 1000mm x 1000mm will the machine always stay inside and I can cut right to the edge?

The distance from the figure to the upper edge of the panel can also be equal to 0, the important thing is that Goliath has enough room to maneuver, so on the right and left there must be a distance of at least 200mm from the edge, if this distance is not there it will be necessary to insert panel extensions.

If you wish to create a design that extends all the way around the perimeter of the panel then Slingshot will ask you to insert extensions of 200mm on the left and right side and 400mm at the base.



Excellent information, where do we find all these specific setup information.
I had to figured this one out after trial and error and by measuring, so there was some material wasted, the least expensive 4x8ft 1/2in sanded plywood in Los Angeles at Home Depot is around $50
Now my question is where do I mount the towers, at end corners of material and enter X Y dimensions in boxes or I mount towers at end corners of extension panels and enter material X Y dimensions in boxes.
I mounted towers at end of extension board and moved canvas with the parts, 300mm from edge of plywood wasn’t enough it cut into extension board, 350mm wasn’t enough still cut into extraction board, 420mm should do giving me extra 1/2in from edge of plywood.
The other question is why Goliath storage box parts are split into 2 cutting files and you suggesting 2 poplar plywood boards of 1000x1150x10mm, I can fit all parts from both cutting files on my 4x8ft 1/2in plywood, I want to be efficient with my setup and cutting.

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Hi @Propmaker
The x and y distances are from tower sensors so that goliath does the triangulation calculations. The extension boad is for goliath to turn around for optimal positioning of the router, the robot will not cut beyond the dimentions so you need to put the dimensions (rectangle between the tower sensors and y coordinate. Y cordinate limits the travel of the robot south/down)
I have many times fix the dimensions but the work piece will be in the middle of canvas ( I cut 15 cm by 400 cm for name plates) you can check the position of the art work and corresponding measures form the right side panel on slingshot when you sellect an art.
If space is a probem then one can cut smaller pieces (you have to anchor the piece to waste board).
The minimum distance from the tower sensors is 800mm .
Look at some of the posts in the forum- unfortunately there is no perticular instruction manual but forum posts are very helpful.
Best of luck
Happy cutting


Hello Propmaker, Goliath needs a certain amount of space in order to be able to work without the need for extensions, if we think there is not enough wiggle room we can insert additional boards before starting cutting operations and attach turret 1 to the corner of the extension. In this case, when we are going to enter the dimensions of the work surface during panel detection, we will have to enter the measurements counting also those of the extension.

If, on the other hand, the software will request the insertion of panel extensions, the phase where the size of the panel and the position of turret 2 will be indicated will be before the indication of the most accessible sides for possible insertion, therefore the dimensions of the worktop will be net of the extensions, also because the software will then indicate how large they must be.

For a better understanding of your case it might be useful to have a photo of how you have positioned the tracks on the software.

Lastly, as for the box project, if you have a sufficiently large panel, you can use it to cut both files without any problem.

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