Problem with cutting plywood (birch)

Today we wanted to cut plywood (after first testing MDF), we used the following parameters:

feed rate: 1000
plunge rate: 300
depth per cut: 1,5mm
Speed: 4

Standard Goliath Router bit (6mm).

Goliath started to jitter, we stopped the job.

then we decreased feed rate to: 400

No jitters, but reaching about 4,5mm depth (from total 19mm), plywood started smoke from contact with the Router bit, we also stopped the job.

The recommended feed rate for softwood/plywood with 6mm Router bit 6mm is 1800.

Should we try with higher feed rate? Or other Router bit?

Hello, thank you very much for your post, we have recently made a guide that shows the parameters to be set according to the type of material processed, for plywood we suggest the following settings:

For guidance on other types of surfaces you can find the guide at the following link:

Thanks for this guide. Will be very helpful for a future project.

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Hi, thanks for the reply! I have attached the results which we got with different speed. So according to the published parameters, if we increase the feed rate to 1800 then results will be better?

Does the router bit look burned? Maybe it’s already dulled out.

In my last project, I also used birch plywood. I cut it with the following parameters:

feedrate: 1500
plungerate: 100
depth per pass: 3
speed: 3

and had no problems with jittering or burning.

So in theory you should be able to cut much faster!

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The parameters set should be further tweaked, the feed rate is still too low it should be at least 1800, the same goes for the rotation of the spindle should be changed it is better to set speed 3.

So I want to give an update, we bought different cutting bits and now there is no problem with cutting plywood. So problem is solved :slight_smile:


Could you let us know what bit did you buy and from where?


company name is Datron


This is a great news! Thank you for the update!