Question on precision of cuts

I was watching the Goliath conference video with Wurth in the USA, here is a screenshot of the sign they cut out. My question is, where I mark with the red circles: the letter corners are nice corners, but the bit is travelling out of the corners and creating a round indent. why is this and can this be avoided?
This does not look like precision to me. The Shaper Origin for example would really cut this with extreme precision, ideal for wood inlays, but from this example by Goliath, inlays cannot be done. Please tell me, am I wrong? Can we do better?

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I’m curious about this as well. Hope to see an answer from the Springa folks. :slight_smile:

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I’m having problems with accuracy, amongst other things.

Spring are looking into it.

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Glad you have their ear as anything we can report will only make it better and more useful as time goes on? :slight_smile:

Hope to see this being solved as well