Routing Curves Wrong Line

Attached my problem, does anybody know how to fix it ?

Hello, we are sending you a PM in order to give you better support. :slight_smile:

Hello Björn
About deviation of the angle of the letter M this is a known bug that we are already working to solve by the end of the year.
As for the circle not being perfectly round, this can occur if the working surface is not perfectly flat or if one of the Goliath wheels is on a step, even a small one, during the cutting process. So please check if these requirements are fulfilled. :slight_smile:

Did you get this solved?

Hello dimitri,

the Goliath has from my point of view the problem to find his correct line, if he move with his wheels over a dirty/bad surface or a milled rout.

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the same result on a Goliath presentation, board was new and clean, no dust.

Hello Dimitri, the deviation of angles in a bug we are aldready working on to solve it, we think we should be able to fix it within end of year. :slight_smile:

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I hope so! Thank you. Would be nice to hear more from Goliath about what your working on in terms of upgrades, a bit more communication.