Set Toollength manually or correct it

when Goliath set it’s toollength it pushes a littebit into the wood.
Than the tabs will be cutted thru, because the toollength is aprox. 0.5 - 1mm to long.

Is there any workaroud or solution known?

Thanks in advance


Hello there, could you please give us more details about?

let me try.
when goliath set the toollenght befor it starts to work, it touches the plywood and penetrate it aprox. 0,5mm.
so when i start the work the defined tabs will be very thin because goliath thinks that my material is 0,5mm lower than in reality.
at the moment my workaroud is to set the material 0,5mm thinner than it realy is.
the problem is in complex workflows it is not easy to avoid failure by my self.

i hope u can understand.


hi Chab you are absolutely right, since goliath is a robot which is heavy and the z-axis comes down with some force this will indent the material hence the errors in z axis depth. one can place a fine metal plate like the decorators filling knife (a 4cm by 5 cm plate) at the time of tool change, this will prevent indenting.

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Hello chab, thank you very much for the clarification, what you described is a Z axis calibration issue that we are working to resolve. And at the moment we are suggesting users to try to understand how much more the cutter cuts than desired and adjust the cutting parameters accordingly. Just as you rightly did. We are working on fixing the bug by the end of this year.

Hello, thank you very much it is a very interesting idea.