Simulation panel detection bug

any advice on this? Just updated to 2.0.1 and the panel detection in simulation mode doesn’t seem to work. I put in the dimensions of my 4’ X 4’ panel (1220mm by 1220mm), select tower locations and it tells me the distance between towers is 0 and then simulation just instantly completes with no paths even present in the simulation, just an initial bit change.

Hi Tim_buck,
we have release a hotfix version where the bug you have described has been fixed.
We invite you to update Slingshot.

Kind Regards.

This is great news. Other than that bug, slingshot 2.0 has been a welcomed improvement and fixed one of the main issues i was experiencing which was when slingshot would interpret lines as super huge arcs with hundreds of meters or even kilometers of radius and this would cause random cut paths and would ruin material. I didn’t see anything specific addressing this in the 2.0 patch notes but noticed you guys mentioned better interpretation of lines and arcs in the gcode that slingshot generates and I havent had this issues since. Anyways so far so good with slingshot v2.0