Skewing / position misfunction


the trouble I am having with the machine is, that it has suddently started to skew the line it was supposed to do - it turns rectangles into paralellograms, it cuts rectangles that should pe aligned into parallelograms that ar not aligned but form a sort of diagonal.

And apart from the skewing it does on the horizontal, on the board, it also has troubles on the vertical - each pass it goes doing a rectangle it moves a little bit so that is causes a sort of staircase in depth.

The pictures I attach should explain the problems clearly enough. I worked fine up until last night with similar drawings. What coudl be the trouble and howca I fix it?

(the wheels are clean, the sensors are charged)


Hello @pisicaverde
We need some more information in order to give you support, we are sending you a PM.

Hello again, could you please send us a video (to showing us the cut performing?

Hi Lucia, on Friday I’'ll send them, until then we’re very busy with some projects. Keep in touch :slight_smile:

Hi Cipriean does your busy projects involve goliath? If so would lke to see few of them. I am looking for some small projects , I have cut a couple from
Thank you in advance.