Slingshot quit updating while cutting


I was cutting a file today and about 3 steps into the cut the slingshot app quit updating the Goliath position and cut step. Goliath kept humming along and asking for bit changes, but Slingshot simply lost all connection to Goliath it seems. Eventually I got the 3 red LEDs and it shutdown due to temp and I don’t know if there is anyway to resume as there is no message in slingshot and goliath didn’t even raise the bit out of the cut, it just shutdown.

I updated to the current version of slingshot and the current firmware this evening before starting.

Also, it would be real handy if Goliath could be told to go to a tool change position instead of facing away from me in the middle of my panel while asking for a bit change…just a thought. :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you very much for your post.
The three red leds are a sanity check alert, with the new version of Slingshot you can figure out the cause in the settings section. So we kindly ask you to reopen the software, reconnect to Goliath, go to settings and check what is written in the system status box and if you can kindly tell us what you see.

I’m sure it was heat as Goliath was quite warm when it stopped. You said in another post that we are ro remove the top filter now so i will do that and try again.

What about the fact that Sligshot appeared to lose communication with Goliath not long after starting the cut but it kept going as if nothing was wrong (until it overheated)?

A way to refresh the connection from the cutting screen would be good to resync the PC with Goliath without losing the cut. I am sure it was still communicating as it kept cutting and asking for bit changes, but loss of communication also means the abort button was useless. :frowning:


Hi William, to get more details we need to take a look at your log file for the date you had problems, could you kindly send it to To get to the folder where it’s contained, just enter the following link C:\Springa\Slingshot\Log in the document path bar.