Slingshot Update []

Hey Folks,
we are happy to share a few important news with the Goliath Community!

First of all, we would like to thank you, since we started the fantastic community you have sent us a lot of feedback and suggestions, which are very important to make Goliath and Slingshot better and better, your contribution is very important for us.

The second is to give you some details about our latest release of Slingshot (version 1.06.02), released a couple of days ago. In the last few weeks, we have been working hard to complete the latest update of our software, which fixes a good part of the known bugs you have pointed out and presents also some improvements and additions.

Please find below a detailed list of the improvements in this release:


  • Fix for spindle protection status delay blocking Goliath from starting a cut (“spindle cage open” error)
  • Correct colors for panel extensions.
  • Delete and duplicate commands now work correctly from the keyboard key (using the “Canc” key) and the tracks are correctly updated.
  • Reduced minimum path length used for optimizing tracks.
  • Default depth value for imported tracks is not a fixed value but half of the current panel.
  • Duplicate track now correctly maintains the size of the original track and moves the copy to the side by the right distance
  • Removed multiple passes if track depth is lesser than depth per pass of recommended setting.
  • Change bit popup is now shown correctly at the start of a cut.
  • Fix for bug causing open tracks to end with bit lowered, causing Goliath to move between cuts without raising the bit above the panel.
  • Positioning error popup is now working as intended, showing only one popup if more than an error is received from Goliath in a time span of 3 seconds.


  • Alert icons in the tracklist, to help detect which track is in an error state, with a tooltip to explain the issue.
  • Various error types are now managed during GCODE generation.
  • Segments of a track too small to be valid are now merged with the previous segment.


  • Improved Panel Detection wizard workflow.
  • Improved logging, with options to log WiFi communications.
  • Various UI fixes on colors and fonts.
  • Improved workflow and WiFi communication for Goliath’s required actions during production(such as change bit and empty bin).

Thank you for your attention, keep exchanging ideas, and don’t forget to post your amazing Goliath creations!

hi Lorenzo
what is the latest version of slingshot I have downloaded and installed version I have not tested yet.
what are the new developments in this version?

Hello Bhimarasetty,
The 1.06.08 is the latest release available, here’s the recap of fixes and changes:


  • The list of visible Goliaths in the network now correctly updates on startup, without having to manually refresh the list.
  • Fix for connection bug causing tower sensors to fail to communicate the battery status and status page buttons to not be enabled.
  • Fix for the error causing pockets to not be completed fully.
  • Goliath now correctly raises the Z-axis while moving to, from, and between pockets.


  • Improved refresh of networks available to Goliath.
  • Improved detection of tracks that are small enough to not require tabs, even if the depth is the same as the panel thickness.
  • Improved checks for tab requirements.
  • Slingshot now correctly looks for Goliath in every available connection adapter.