So many issues, I am done

My Goliath cnc is junk. I spent 8 hours cutting out half of a tree, (pattern on their web side) for some reason it did not cut the other half. This was after hours of trying to make the thing work. Towrs software needs update 3 times, can not connect to Goliath, G code will not send, spindle cover not on properly, ect ect. I am going back to jig saw. $4005.00 waisted. I would not recommend this item in the time it takes to get it to work you can s=cut 5 times what it will get done. When you get it to work it is neat, math wizard stuff to get it to cut the same pattern 4 times to cut it out of a ½ inch wood.

I purchased the from Goliath CNC along with a 2nd bit on 03-19-2023. After many emails the thing shipped on 05-23-2023. I received it about a week later. Could not get it to work X-Y axis issues. Many emails and a video call they figured out I was sent a bad tower. On 06-06-2023, I had to ship it back to Italy and was warned they were not reasonable if it broke in transit. On 06-21-2023 I was contacted and told I had to pay for them to ship it back to me. That took a day or two before they stated they would ship it to me at their cost. I got it back. Every time I did set up it wanted me to update the software on the towers. I had to stop and use up an hour updating then back to panel detection. I got through it an made 4 cats and one tree. I put it away and sanded and panted the items. On 11-04-2023, I wanted to start on Holiday decoration. I spent over 8 hours messing with it. The new software would not send G code. Did not tell me to press yellow but to set, would not start cutting when I pressed the yellow button the 2nd time. It wanted to update the Slingshot software. Trying to use the new software it locked up on panel detection or could not communicate with Goliath or Tower software needed update even after I updated it. Finally, it started cutting. Two groups of cuts and it only cut one. I could not find an abort button; Goliath screen was locked anyhow. I restarted the slingshot program and had to do panel detection again, first could not communicate with Goliath. Then Twon out of date. Updated both, back to panel detection and still said towers out of date.

Just an estimate I figure I have spent 4 hours setting up for every one hour it has actually been cutting. I could have cut out three times as much product by doing by hand. Tomorrow I will start cutting by hand again and try to catch up. I guess the $4,000.00 lesson it what I get for listing to pitchmen giving what had to be fake review on youtube…

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Hi p326down,
we are sorry about the problem you are experiencing.
We will contact you in order to schedule a video call so that we can better investigate the cause of the problem you are experiencing.

Please check your mail.

Same problem with mine too I guess it was too good to be true !!