Solved: Obstacles and Positioning failures

Dear Forum,
I had Problems that Goliath goes the pathes not in the same way and shapes wasn’t fine.

The Springa support helped me great and we figured out that the towers not working right.

I will give you a hint how to check and solve it.

To check if the towers working fine, go to Jog Mode and write down the position data.
Than take on wire from a tower and move it five times in the length and put it back.
If the values are different someting is wrong with the tower.

In my case it was dust on the encoder.

Open the screws at the front of the tower. Press with your thumb on the USB port and put carefully the inner part out.
At the encoder is a hole (approx. 12mm) where you can see the enconderdisk.
I have cleaned ist with a microfiber cloth.
When you attach it look at the small plastik thing at USB port.

After this treatment it worked fine in my case.

Hope i could help someone.




Please contact our support before proceeding with this procedure, the mechanical component of the sernsor are quite delicate and if not treated properly it can break.
Beware: if you open it yourself without the supervision of our technicians, your sensor will lose its warranty.

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