Straight cuts aren't straight

Hi everyone, this is my first post!

Am I the only one to experience bad cuts for straight lines?
There are a lot of imprecisions making supposed straight lines randomly curved in some spots.

I love the product but I’m a bit concerned about this issue (not the only one that I have though but I’ll make separate topics) making this CNC not even worth using it for pro use.

Anyone managed to calibrate precisely their goliath or solved this issue by any other means?




Hello, are you sure you are setting correct cutting parameters according to kind of material are you working?


Hey @Lucia
Thanks for your quick answer. I’ll make some more cuts with those settings and let you know if it improves my situation.
Thanks :slight_smile:


@Tawak, did you fix the problem? I had the very same one…
made different cuts with different setting and no straigth line… :frowning:

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hope you both found a solution! Not cool that it doesn’t cut straight lines!

Hi there! I’m re-posting to let you know that we are working on a new table with even more specific information, which we will soon upload to the FAQ section of our website. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Lucia, waiting for it!

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