SVG Newbie - Help Needed

Hey guys, I’m a pretty solid AutoCAD user but am struggling with creating SVG files. Working daily with AutoCAD & industrial CAM software to generate G-code for large industrial CNC plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjets, & more.
I can create my .dxf shapes in CAD & import to Inkscape but seem to be missing the boat on steps before saving (as .svg) & importing the .svg into SlingShot. Apparently, it’s not a 1:1 import/export function.
Any help would be appreciated, otherwise this brand new unit will be up for sale soon.

*I’m definitely hoping for a .dxf import into SlingShot with the next version.

Hello Travis, we are planning in the future to allow users to import dxf into Slingshot.
About your issue we are sending you a private message in order to give you support :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. Can you communicate the solution tips in this forum? Or send me a private message as well?

Hello Frans, below you can find the link to our videotutorial about how to properly convert a DXF in SVG using inkscape:

Did you know what approximately are the date to be able to get dxf file in slingshot rather only svg ?

Hi SPerreault, this is definitely on our roadmap of features to be developed, but we do not yet have a precise indication of when will be possible to import dxf files on Slingshot.