Tower Sensor 2 Disconnected

Hi Folks, I am currently in the middle of a project and the Goliath will no longer cut due to the following Status Notification “Tower Sensor 2 Disconnected”. I’ve tried holding down the button to reset, The cable is not obstructed in anyway, but cannot get it to reconnect. Any guidance on next steps?

Thank You!

Hi, thanks for your post, if the turret disconnects we suggest two things:

  1. Verify the status of charge of the tower by checking the LED located near the sensor’s USB input. ● Green: Battery charged
    ● Flashing red: battery with less than 20% charge
    ● Fixed Orange: USB cable connected while charging.

Is possible to work while tower sensor are charging.

  1. Change connection configuration of tower sensor to Goliath on slingshot during the panel detection, the sensor may not connect because of radio frequency interference.

When the tower sensor disconnect while Goliath is working, you have to switch machine off and on again and carry out the panel detection again. To avoid wasting the panel and if you have not finished machining, you can reopen the project and edit it by deleting the paths you have already machined. In this way you can start from where you left off maintaining the initial working set-up.