Wavy cuts and poor quality cuts from jittery machine movement on goliath

Hi everyone,

I’ve been testing the goliath all weekend and i’m not getting spectacular results. I have random parts that get very wavy edges. the machine itself starts moving in a jittery manner, randomly. I noticed this, as I was cutting 3/4" furniture grade plywood. i was cutting a series of curves for a jig that come together to make an 8’ (~2.5m) wide arc but the edges were off by a lot (i was doing two layers of staggered parts). And so i started changing depth, speed and rpm… but none of that mattered. it still randomly moves in strange ways, producing inaccurate and low quality parts. out of 7 parts, and 3 times cutting, i only got 2 good and accurate parts.

i saw a similar post and someone suggested that it could be the towers? but the cables don’t feel like they’re catching. i know this is not the drawing file because the rectangle test was drawn directly on slingshot.

my curves were exported from rhino. i also did another version to inskscape and exported svg that way. same results.

Also, i also tried positioning the towers along the short end of the sheet as well as the long end to see if there was a difference… not much. both ways had random places of jittering and waves.

My guess is the router bits may be a bit dull.
If the tower sensor moves / slants it will give wrong positioning, if the router bit hits a knot it put the machine shudder and slightly move off course. You can decrease the depth per pass and slow the speed m/sec.
I have physically moved the robot off course while cutting before it senses wrong positiong and through error message like “obstcles on track”
Please keep us posted.
I noticed you are cutting on a table it can move off course and land on floor. Make sure there is ample space around.
Good luck.

Hello Louis, thanks for sharing, we’ve sent your files to technical team, we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Please keep us posted, I had the very same problem and couldnt solve it yet.

That’s not it. My bits are brand new. Also the tables are our assembly tables. They’re sturdy, flat and level. Nothing is moving other than the machine going off tool path.

Hi Louis, was this issue resolved after Springa’s technical team looked into it?