When I import a SVG slingshot modify the file

Hi there,

Sorry for the mistakes but I am not really fluent in english.
So I have a problem, I create some files in canva.com, I save it in SVG, I modify it in Inkscape and I charge it in slingsho like I saw it in the videos.

BUT some lines appaers and I don’t know what to do…

You can see the differences in the pictures

Best regards

I know the problem when the drawing has small errors (gaps) the program tries to connect the line ends with something to close the gap. Enlarge your drawing in Inscape to the maximum at the point where the wrong lines start. and see if the drawing is correct.

Thank you for the answer, I look for the gaps in inkscape but I didn’t see any problem.
May be it’s because of canva.fr and the save in SVG ?