Why is the forum

I’m new here. Why is the forum dead?

Vi360, the following is just my opinion …

To have a vibrant forum you need, in this case, a vibrant product.
Goliath is a great hardware product.
Springa, the company behind the product, is currently financially not in the best places, although things are not a disaster yet.
Springa is also “not the best around” for reacting fast and accurate to questions.
Goliath has problematic software and no team to speak of to solve things.
Springa ignores each and every message concerning to make the software open source, a move that would potentially safe Goliath.

One of the last topics to date was about selling kickstarter made goliaths because of … bad software.

To sumarise I can say that the kickstarter forum is full of complaints (about not receiving units and bad software) and excuses, very few actually make stuff with Goliath, the majority seems to be silent about it and Springa does not seem to be able to handle the software question adequately.

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That’s disappointing. Now I am wondering if I will get a working model by Christmas as advertised. Hopefully they get it together. I might have to see what my chances are. Has anyone had a good experience?

I’ve had many many many successful projects with the Goliath, but also understand the machine has its limitations. I’ve been fortunate too to have good support and contact with the company.

Just received my delivery today. Will open up box this weekend and see what i can knock out. Will play with software and try to understand it now that i have a serial number to enter.

HY Vi360! I would to buy (or rent) that machine, i know there was some problems (HW/SW). What your experience? Did you buy Goliath?