Workflow still buggy

My bipolar journey with goliath continues.

Whenever I have the feeling that the machine is somewhat reliable and I’ve found a good workflow, Goliath prooves me wrong :frowning:

This time I encountered at least 5 bugs during my 2 hour session with the machine. Thats a huge amount and not acceptable. I always ask myself afterwards how others can coop with Goliath / Slingshot still in beta. After many updates, I still have the feeling that Goliath is not ready for production.

The following list is a list of minor bugs. They are annoying and cost time, but it’s somehow possible to work around them (all of them occured during my last 2h session):

  • I cannot connect to the system: Slingshot finds Goliath, but the tower connection fails (after 5th retry it worked all of a sudden)
  • Goliaths position is not shown in Slingshot, not in work and not in jog mode (a complete inaccurate position is visualized) - start again and redo panel detection
  • Battery levels of towers are between 0% and 100% in a binary sense (both of them are connected to power) - Slingshot prints warning that batteries are depleted
  • SVGs with a lot of points seem to be problematic - a horizontal or vertical line is randomly rendered in the canvas
  • all of a sudden a second Slingshot window is opened (same canvas as the main one), opening jog mode is not possible anymore (restart everything)
  • when starting a job, Goliath says work area is obstructed. pressing yellow button again, it continues but the bit rotates in the air (-> abort)
  • weird tracks that don’t correspond to actual paths (small “dents” at tabs)
  • tab placement is very inconsistent

I probably forgot about some problems, because too many of them occurred

What I then ecountered seems to be a major bug in the tracking calculation:

The following track, which looked perfectly right in Slingshot, makes Goliath move around in very weird path.

Please have a look a the following pictures:


I retried the exact same track, and the movement was consistently wrong, so it seems to be a bug in the track calculation. The path itself is not very complicated and looks correct in inkscape as well.

I’m actually quite surprised that these kind of bugs are still occuring, I really hope that someday Goliath can be used as reliable as it’s supposed to be

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Sadly the tower detection bites me often too ;(

Good morning Christian, thank you for your post.
To better understand the issue you are experiencing we need to take a look at your files. We are contacting you with information on how to extract and send them to us.

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Hello, when having problem in connecting towers, we advice to:

  1. Verify the status of charge of the tower by checking the LED located near the sensor’s USB input (Maybe the sensor battery is low):

    ● Green: Battery charged
    ● Flashing red: battery with less than 20% charge
    ● Fixed Orange: USB cable connected while charging.

    Is possible to work while tower sensor are charging.

  2. Change connection channel of tower sensor to Goliath on slingshot (Maybe there is an interference).


Was there a fix released for Slingshot bug? I did not see it last week Friday. Goliath, towers and laptop WiFi connections is spotty, inconsistent, eventually all connect after rebooting and not following connection setup videos, I have better luck connecting starting with Goliath 1st, then when Slingshot shows and asks to connect towers in channel 1 I press Connect button, I start fresh by rebooting laptop and disconnecting Goliath from power for 2min, I do that couple of times.
Couple things:
1- towers don’t hold charge, 45min top so it’s better to have them plugged and charging from start otherwise Slingshot shows that towers have only 10% of charge left, it could be another bug in software
2- router itself heats up and I ran it only half hour to cut 2 small panels, I attempted to cut Goliath storage box, I didn’t make any changes to the file, I ran it as I downloaded, I used 1/2in Sanded ply from Home Depot in Los Angeles, European 1/2in ply is manufactured differently easier to cut.

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Hello, some updates about @christianpro90 issue, it was related to a tab bug that was fixed with the release of the new software version on Monday.
The bug was related to the logic of tabs creation, which incorrectly modified the tracks.
With the new software, and thus the modification of the previous logic, the problem has been resolved.

Hello, the new software and firmware versions were released this Monday, regarding the indication of the Slingshot percentage in the previous version of the software was incorrect, with latest update bug has been fixed, about the charge retention we suggest you update the firmware and check if the problem persists.
About the overheating of the machine it can depend on several factors, the first one is incorrect cutting parameters, so we paste below the link to the guide on how to set them properly according to the type of material processed, CNC machine parameters - guideline | Goliath the second the failure to remove the filter from the top of Goliath.

Removing the top filter is the expected way to run the machine now?


Hello William, a few months ago, we sent out a newsletter stating that it should be removed during processing for better cooling.