Working area, tools-changing

I have a room of 3.40x3.40m and I need a real working area of 1220x2500mm on marine plywood, where the cuts are sometimes on the edges or just a few mm from them.
Do I have enough space to work with the Goliath? Do I need to fix an outline frame of equal thickness on the 122x250 sheet to make the cuts on the edges?
I work with mills and drills from 3 to 8mm, Z from -2 to -19mm, sometimes with tool-changing in the same working. Should I stop the goliath on steps and change them manually?

Thank You

Hello Leo, Goliath has a working area of a bit less than 3 x 2 m (9.8 x 6.5 ft) but if the machine doesn’t have enough elbow room Slingshot will alert the operator that panel extensions are required.
Goliath has a semi-automatic tool change procedure so is possible to change the bit during your work, the machine will stop, approach to one edge of a panel, and then it will wait for you to change the mill bit. After, the robot will calibrate again the z-axis and start again working with the new mill bit.

How does Goliath know when the bit needs changing?
Can I prompt a bit change mid cut when I notice it’s getting dull?



You can sellect the path with different bit size on the canvas and goliath will decide the gcode and asks for change of bit during the carve. It will stop and prompt for bit change and when you press the centre button it will recalibrate and continue.

Holes cut with 3mm and border with 6mm bit.