X marks the spot target control

This is a device to help the position of the router bit tip on the work area. I often work on small projects and would like to find the precise cut point( like cutting detail on the pre-cut area).
X marks the spot is cut with mdf 12mm , on the base a clear plastic sheet(like acetate film) with target marked.

I slide the clear bottom sheet under the spindle cover and curve on the mdf snugly fits showing the X mark

I use this device along with ;jog mode; to accurately identify the target area and adjust the art on the canvas - I confirm the correct position before calculating the gcode.
I will post the pictures

Project file: make sure the circular cut diameter is 100mm so it fits out side spindle cage bottom.
spindlecage Target 110mm.zip (34.8 KB)


Curious if we can adapt a laser marker to do the same…just thinking. I love your creative solution! Maybe the Goliath team will make an add-on laser module. :slight_smile:



The laser would be so good and also some light under the router(like my dewalt hand held).
May be one of our makers can design which can fit at the bottom of the spindle cage.