Yellow Spinner won't calibrate?

A new issue I have run into. I had a job running which I aborted to clear out the gunk in the dust collection by the spindle. When I went to reset I can’t get passed the Calibrate Yellow Spinner by turning 360 degrees. The light does not turn blue and the spinner won’t calibrate. My Z axis is also stuck in the up position as I cant reset it until i get to jog mode.

I understand you stopped the process in the middle is that right?
Double tap on yellow button can move the zaxis.
Try turning the computer off and restart all over. The job is probzbly remembered as the gcode is in the goliath. You need to restart you can delete the tracks that are cut already. Alternatively run the whole cut as long as you have not changed the tower position tge goliath will run on previous path.
You should not move the art work on the csnvas as it will change the coordinates in gcode.

The spinnig of the wheel is just to confirm it is not stuck and responsive(I guess)
Let us know more .

Here are two screen shots. I can’t get past panel detection. So when spinning the yellow spinner nothing happens, no blue light. I am also getting a “calibration error” in system status

I have not seen this error but the zaxis some times try to go beyond and then comes back.
It apper the zaxis is stuck in the up position.
Does it move in the dashboard mode to raise the spindle.
Have you reset the program and the robot?
What happen if the spindle cage is open- does the spindle light turn red.

Z axis is stuck in up position, yes. I used the raise Z axis to test if my computer was properly communicating with Goliath-it is. Now I can’t get the z axis back down until I enter jog mode (unless there is another way?) I’ve reset the robot and my computer multiple times. Spindle light does not turn red if the cage is opened.

Can you repeat the spindle raise through dashboard again? It some time goes up and setteles.
How did you connect is it goliath wifi or existing wifi?

I can repeat the spindle raise, but it stays up. This is connected through goliath’s wifi

If you start a new project it may work you do not have to start the cut.
Try to connect wifi through existing network and you have to power cycle goliath after entering your wifi password.

See my post on jog mode problems.

Hi Tom, thanks for your post, could you please send us a video to of you calibrating the spinner? Also you should do a test, trying to calibrate the Yellow spinner with Slinshot off and check if the blue led flashes.
This may be a problem with the current firmware installed on your Goliath, so we suggest you proceed with installing the latest version.

Hi @Lucia Can you reflash goliath firmware again? As @Tom has latest version firmware 1.2.0.
By reflashing will it brick?- just wondering.

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Hi @Bhimarasetty you are right Tom already has the latest firmware version, we have indeed contacted him privately to ask for the log files so that we can make some test and find the reason of issue. About your question the tool will inform you that the latest version of the Firmware is already installed.


I can confirm that by reflashing it does not brick. Whew!


Did you manage to reflash?
I guess it Is working now.
Are you using existing network or goliath network?
Just curious. :+1:

No, not working yet, but I did try reflashing the firmware.

I have done the test to see if the spinner will calibrate with Slingshot off. Unfortunately still no luck.

How do you do this with slingshot off?
I had some issues today gcode not sent properly waited for some time no luck all the leds are green except the spindle one which was yellow.
Turned off and on again as requested the panel detection starts from spin yellow spinner, but could not proceed.
Turned both goliath and slingshot off then restarted and it is working.

Connected to wifi through existing net work goliath connects but nothing happens- powercycle goliath then the wifi light blinking white and tower sensors blinking asks for towersensor connection when accepted works fine.
Mmmm! Connectivity bug. Will send the log file to springa for their thoughts.

Hi @ Tom Any news regarding your goliath? Just curious.

The team at Springa was very helpful and we did a video call to diagnose the issue. I have my goliath being shipped off for repairs today. In the most recent update from Springa it has been recommended to remove the dust cover for long cuts. My issue is related to dust within the machine.


Interesting! I have been using with top dust cover off as suggested by springa. I had once over heat red light came and rest itself after sometime. I do not cut as long as you do(small projects)
Great news springa is looki g into it.
Keep us posted.:+1:

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I have the same problem here. Z axis will not move down any more.
how to solve the issue?