Goliath, manual jog - drifting

When making “small” project cut, I try to fit these in a free space on the plate.
When moving Goliath, via manual jog to a corner point where the design will fit , the PC has to be in hand reach, (on the floor …) to be able to switch from manual to automatic jog,
because when I don’t keep grip on Goliath it drifts away due the tension of the tower cables. Goliath doesn’t stay on postion when the cables are more then appr. 1 meter out and it start drifting towards the towers.
When this happens I have no corner point, which is the drill positon of Goliath, on Slingshot edit screen where I need to place the corner of the design.

Because the floor in my workshop is not the best place to put my laptop on
could it be a option that, when Goliath is in manual jog mode and you push on the yellow button on top of Goliath
there is a switch to automatic jog mode, so the wheels are locked and the machine can’t drift away ?
And so I can leave my laptop save on the table.

Or is there another way to accomplish this?


Hi Derik Your problem is bespoke and the remidy you can design on your own.
I have no problems in moving in manual jog mode and goliath does not drift off when idle.( probably my floor is more or less level)
I have a suggestion- you can make a surround on the floor so goliath is stable in the enclosure. You may open at the hinge to open the floor enclosure before start of the cut.
This is a rough sketch.

The red is a wooden enclosure when all three sets of wheels are enclosed the free sliding of the robot is prevented. ( you may apply grit paper for extra grip)

Good luck.

Perhaps a remote mouse with a macro button programmed? Similar to running a power point presentation away from the PC, you can use one of the buttons to execute a macro to toggle the SS jog option. Just a thought for something more immediate. :slight_smile:



the floor is not the problem, X axes level is 0.1° and Y axes is 0°
@ Bhimarasetty
Is there already a topic on the Goliath forum about this, if so can up you add the link to this topic, so all information is kept ( more or less) together.
Strange that your machine has no drift, but lucky for you.
Can there be different cable tension betweens yours and mine towers ?
FYI , my first name is Dirk ( typical Flemisch - Belgium name) :wink:


A “physical stop” is not my first choice, assume you start the cutting process without removing the stops.
This is how a do it right now, made stops which are placed behind the wheels.
I posted this topic because I feel that this can be handled in a better way with a minimum of effort.
A remote controller is an option, but I guess the yellow button switch manual
→ automatic jog when the setting is manual jog could be a easy way,
by adapting the software, to tackle this.

A kind of remote controller could be a work around for the time being, but
I’m not a “code type” so I prefer not to interfere with Slingshot “code”.


Hi Dirk
I could see a small difference in your setup as in my setup the spring electric cable comes at right angle to the tower sensors almost other corner of y-axis( the pull of power cable is countered by the pull of tower cables)

Check this where the electric cable is almost coming from above.

You can use a remote mouse with out going into slingshot software- ideally the command button on goliath would be useful in future upgrades( considering the previous upgrade horrors I am a little sceptical)
Good luck.


did a small test with replacing the tripod

  • between towers, drift
  • opposite site towers, no drift
  • adjacent side, a little, guess in full size (2 by 3 meter) not to most ideal postion


i noticed this as well as i was cutting on a 4 by 8 sheet board… the wheels of the goliath will be disengaged unless you are in the mode where you can send goliath gcode… you can even hear and see the wheels engage during the work area process defintion… in my case if i had the tower on the 4 feet long side and my desired work area was over on the opposite end 8 feet away… then the tension of the power cable with the wheels dis engaged would make it drift back. once i moved it to the side and split the difference then it wasn’t an issue.

I still dont find it one because the goliath is strong enough once the wheels are engaged to pull the cord BUT i do feel like it just adds more risk that it will lose grip and have slips that doesn’t have to exist.

Ideally you would put a bar over the entire thing and suspend it straight down. then there is the same stress no matter your chosen work area but you hit upon the right solution i think to keep it portable and that is move the tower to make the distance to area it will be working in short.