Slingshot editor

I have installed the Slingshot demo.
Importing a .svg file, placing and modifying the cutting parameters appear to work well.

Drawing the line, circle and rectangle also works however I cannot find the possibility to define exact sizes during drawing or modifying the sizes after drawing in the Size section of the drawing options.

In my vision I place a standard size sheet (2440*1220mm) with on the sizes a strip of the same material to lock the sheet and to place the sensors on to. For that I plan to define a prepared canvas with the rectangle to place the tracks

Hi Jacob, Slingshot is a CAM software so it is not programmed strictly for drawing, the purpose is to draw on a CAD program and then import it into the software to generate the gcode needed to make the design.

The tower sensors will need to be fixed to the work surface, so they can calculate the exact dimensions of the work area and correctly locate Goliath.

Installed slingshot today and was pleased to find that the figures that can be drawn also can be edited in size.

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Would it be possible for the Slingshot developer team to consider adding a rough processing time estimate for a job to be uploaded to Goliath?
For planning and price estimate this function roughly based on the feed, distance and nr of passes would be highly appreciated.
Kind regards,

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Hello Jacob,
Thank you very much for your feedback, at the moment we are focusing on other aspects of the software but we might consider it for the future :slight_smile: