Spindle case must be closed?

I get the warning off closing the spindle case first…but the spindle case is closed…how to continue?

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Hello Marc, technical team is working to solve your issue, we will get back to you as soon as possible

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Same here. Goliath does not work anymore :-/

Hello Stefan, could you please send us an e-mail to support@springa.tech explaining your issue so we can give you support?

I had that issue as well and had to update Goliath’s firmware to solve this.

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Firmware-Update does not finish :-/
even after hours of waiting, the idle status of “please wait …” does not end …

We are sending you a DM to give you support

I had the exact same issue. Check the contacts of the goliath, mine where sheered off completely and hence did not make contact with the metal plate that checks if the spindle is closed.

I had tiny little springs sticking out instead of the gold colored pins that are supposed to be there. I’m already in contact with tech support, but it might help someone else too :slight_smile:

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I had same problem even after sliding the protector out and pushed back to place (the spindle was up at this time).
I turned the machine off and on again and panel detection same thing, when I turned the program off and reloaded the file I noticed some of the picture is outside the cutting board in red, realigned it to correct place and went into machine settings and raised the z axis which went up and came down. After this it worked fine .

Hello! I have the same problem. The mini feathers look out. The pin has broken off. Now he doesn’t do anything anymore. Please help!

Hello Frank, as described in the e-mail we’ve sent to you, we will send you a fix for your spindle protection which will allow you to use Goliath.

Thanks for sending me the small metal plate quickly. it helped! Thanks very much!


mine is also broken, and now i have this message.
Can You send me such a plate also?
thanks in advance

Hi Chab of course! We are sending you a PM asking for some more information. :slight_smile:

Hi and happy Saturday to all of you. Hope, somebody is online.

We got our Goliath this week. Today we tried to install and set up everything.
firmware: 1.0.1322021

Error: spindle case open.
Our pogo-pins are allright. Nothing broken

the spindle itself does not work properly as well. It moves up and immediately goes down again. Does not touch the ground in order to set z-axis - as described in the video. remains about 20mm above the ground.

any solutions? is this a bug of slingshot?


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ciao anche io ho lo stesso problema,temo causa aggiornamento goliath in casa madre attendiamo una risoluzione ,a livello meccanico e in ordine ho controllato il cavo fino alla scheda madre che era correttamente allacciato

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Try resetting - long press on the button on top of the robot. you can go to settings on slingshot and select raise spindle and this should raise the spindle and resets the z axis.
You have turned the machine off and on including your computer.
I had similar problem but one of the above fixed not sure which.
Hope it is useful.
Latest Update I had the same problem Spindle case error- when I looked at settings there was a red alert on Goliath firmware, so I have flashed the new firmware (which is also tricky ) now it is cutting again.
You need to download firmware from their website, you need to enter the serial numbers of the G and Towers.
you can go to settings and click on firmware flash and follow instructions.- you need .net3.1 software for DESKTOp not laptop which I did a couple of times.
overall success will post picture later.

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niente da fare riprovato questa sera con entram
bi i metodi nulla non si sblocca

Hi, just got the reply of Goliath support:

We’ve contacted the technical team in order to understand which could be the problem,

They answered to us that the “Spindle cage open” error is a bug of latest software version, today or at least tomorrow a new update will be released and this should solve the problem,

We will update you as soon as will be available,

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